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Unleashed! Kids Connecting through K-9s is a nonprofit that has brought together two great loves of co-directors Bobbie Bhambree and Danicia Ambron: dogs and making a difference. The goal is to bring teens into shelters to train dogs to help them become more adoptable. We have created a partnership with the New Rochelle Humane Society (www.newrochellehumanesociety.org) to make this happen and look forward to more partnerships with other shelters in the future. We’re taking the lid off on this puppy (pun intended!)!

We’re talking about the concept of training to live by…teaching these kids to live and conduct themselves in a more empathetic way. The lives of both the kids and the dogs will be enriched by their interactions. Three communities will benefit tenfold from this program:

  • the shelter dogs by helping them become more adoptable and engaged through training and enrichment;
  • the shelters because these kids will return to their communities and promote responsible pet ownership and educate about pit bulls;
  • the kids themselves by learning they have a choice to live a powerful life of contribution and impact--that they, like the dogs they will be working with, are not limited by their history. It’s all about relating to the dogs, relating to the people that are in these kids lives, and relating with each other.