When that moment arrives and you realize you need professional help for your dog, there is nothing more important that finding the right trainer.  I took my dog to four different trainers before we found Bobbi and I knew right away she was perfect.  Without Bobbi, my dog Shaggy and I would not be where we are today.  

I adopted my dog Shaggy when he was 9 months old and noticed right away that he was nervous with strangers.  I tried to socialize him myself and thought he was getting better.  However, it suddenly took a turn for the worse.  He not only feared people , but began  to fear strange places and situations and even began to develop aggression towards other dogs.  When his fear turned into snapping and I knew we needed professional help.  I started searching out trainers and knew that positive reward training would be the best for him.  However, some trainers advertised positive reward methods but would proceed to fit my dog with a correction collar.  To treat a fear dog with the additional fear of correction does not solve the problem but attempts to control the dog’s negative reactions.  Positive reward training actually changes the way the dog thinks and feels about a certain situation and therefore attempts to solve the problem.   This was Bobbi’s basic concept for training Shaggy and today I have a different and much happier dog (and owner!).   Her knowledge and understanding of dog behavior far surpasses your average trainer.  She has the keen insight and ability to read Shaggy’s emotions by reading his body language and knows exactly what is best for him at a particular moment.  Not only has Bobbi made Shaggy a happier more confident dog, but she has also given me the knowledge and confidence I need to deal with a dog who has fear issues.  Her guidance has been priceless!  

Six months ago I had a dog that I was afraid to take out in public, now I have a dog that gets excited to meet new people.  What a joy it is to see him wag his tail instead of growling when meeting strangers and new dogs.  He has even begun to let people pet him!  Bobbi has been an absolute joy to work with and has changed our lives.  Her knowledge, guidance and true love for animals makes her the perfect trainer for all dogs in any situation!  

-Peggy & Shaggy, Mahopac, NY

I have a Pet Services co. in Westchester county NY. We provide individual walks, Boarding in our home and 1 1/2- 3 hour playgroups at our local dog park and woods. I called Bobbie because I wanted some help with my Husky Kaya who rides with me all day and attends all of the playgroups. She was becoming a bit of a bully when other dogs would get in the truck as well as in the park. As I started to see the progress in Kaya I asked Bobbie to help me with managing the playgroups and teaching my assistants how to do the same. I feel as though I have an entirely "NEW" company after working with her. She worked with me weekly until I really had the hang of how to better manage the groups. Instead of dropping clients I was able to teach them to be better dogs in a social setting. They have learned better communication skills with their peers, impulse control and recall. My clients have seen improvements at home as well! 

Our Husky Kaya has really come out of her shell because of Bobbie...Although she was being a bully with her friends in her own element, at home she was timid. My boyfriend Jason had a hard time bonding with her because she was was so cautious. Before I adopted her she belonged to a women who sent her to Monks of New Skeet for 6 weeks of shock collar training. Bobbie felt this was most likely why she is cautious around men and weary of making choices. Bobbie was able to improve Kaya's confidence dramatically and she is more playful at home, even a little mischievous at times! Her personality has really flourished and now she feels like "our dog" instead of "my dog". 

I have worked with a few trainers in the past with mild success. What I find to be crucial in her training is her incredible knowledge and understanding of dog behavior. Other trainers I've used in the past had nowhere near the level of understanding for what dogs do and why. Sure most trainers are good at identifying when we are being anthropomorphic but in my opinion there is a depth to her training that keeps me engaged and focused on getting results.  Instead of "no they don't think that way" it's "this is why she does this". I have found her training to be incredibly effective and always with integrity. She is a true animal lover and we feel so lucky to have found her!

-Nikki, "T and Me" Pet Services, Hastings on Hudson NY

I have known Bobbie Bhambree for almost four years now.  I first met Bobbie when I contacted her to help me with the training of my Bull Terrier, Teddy.  (Teddy is a rescue dog who had previously been used in a fighting ring.)  I had just moved to Manhattan from the suburbs, where Teddy had lived a relatively secluded life; he now had to get used to coming in contact with many other dogs on a daily basis.  

It was a very stressful time for both Teddy and me, and I did not know where to begin.  I turned to Bobbie who started with the behavioral training that Teddy needed.  I noticed an immediate difference in Teddy’s behavior.  And what’s more to the point, it gave me a lot more confidence in handling Teddy.  

I have continued with monthly maintenance training with Bobbie ever since and see steady improvement in Teddy’s behavior.  Bobbie’s knowledge and expertise have continued to impress me and Teddy loves seeing her.  I would highly recommend Bobbie to anyone who has pet and wants an effective professional trainer with whom they can feel comfortable and have the utmost confidence.

-Howard & Teddy, New York NY

Silas and Hobbes.jpg

We adopted Hobbes (a hound/boxer mix) at 10 weeks old.  As a young puppy, we knew it was important to expose him to as many people, places and situations as we could in his first few months. We took him everywhere! He was a star student in his puppy classes and one of the favorites at our local dog park. At about 8 months old, his behavior began to change. In the process of socializing Hobbes, we missed many signals that he was anxious, particularly with loud noises. Instead of desensitizing him to the world, we were actually sensitizing him. By the time he was 2 years old, the noise phobia escalated into generalized anxiety disorder. He was no longer able to handle the dog park, agility classes or even go outside. On top of that, in a few months we would all be relocating from New York to Ohio.

As a volunteer at the New Rochelle Humane Society, I had taken several workshops with Bobbie and had many opportunities to work one-on-one with her. She has an understanding of dog behavior like few others do and we knew that Bobbie could help to reduce Hobbes’ anxiety and prepare him for the move. With the combination of medication and a training system designed by Bobbie, we saw dramatic reductions in his anxiety levels within a few weeks of working with her. After 2 months, Hobbes is now able to welcome visitors into our home with much less anxiety and even walk down the block as cars and trucks pass by. Thanks to Bobbie, Hobbes was also able to handle the move with relative ease. Although our work with Hobbes is not done, Bobbie taught us how to understand Hobbes’ needs and provided us with the tools we need to continue to support him on our own.

As a result of her immense knowledge of dog behavior, Bobbie is also a wonderfully talented agility instructor. She taught us how to better communicate with our Sheltie, Silas, which greatly improved our ability to handle courses and even improved our understanding of his language on a daily basis.

Having worked with Bobbie both privately and at the shelter, we have observed her successfully address a wide range of dog behavior issues. We would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a dog trainer or to anyone who wants to build a stronger relationship with their dog. I am certain that her passion and expertise will inspire you to be a better dog owner, just as it has for us.

-Gina, Aggie, Silas & Hobbes, Columbus, OH (formerly from White Plains, NY)


Helping a never-had-a-dog-before owner could have been a nightmare. Not for Bobbie: calm, patient, reassuring yet offering concrete steps to train me (and my family) to not make a mess of our great puppy Mo. When I went off the path, Bobbie re-directed me. When I needed a refresher, she showed me. With Bobbie's support, I now love training Mo and watching him learn. The reward? He's a great dog who we love as do all those who meet him. Thanks Bobbie.

-Peter & Mo, Hastings on Hudson NY

We are celebrating our holidays with the best dog ever!! In no small part to your care and expertise, we tuned a potential problem with our dog into a obedient, lovable, 92 pound, lap dog.  Using your techniques for positive training allowed us to show love and affection to our dog instead of dominance to get the wonderful result of a well trained, responsive dog, that trusts us and whom we trust.  Your training method reminded us that the owner and dog are in a relationship and we need to understand them as much as they need to understand us for success to occur.

We also fully appreciate your follow up emails and suggested readings to help cement all that we learn from your home visits. You have made dog ownership easy and joyful. Thank you.

-The Brodericks & Bailey (Larchmont, NY)

Midge - Summer 2015_2.jpg

When I brought home my 7-year-old Silky Terrier rescue, I happily looked forward to enjoying all the attributes that were so glowingly conveyed in her description. A mellow, well mannered, little couch potato. However, it very quickly became apparent that my new little bundle of joy was, well, not as described. In those first few weeks she had two speeds: sleeping and barking her head off while racing through the house.  I named her Midge and, although her behavior was seriously driving me to doubt my decision, I was committed to keeping her. So, I really needed help... and Bobbie came to the rescue. She showed me how to reduce Midge's "triggers" in the house and on our walks, and to refocus her behavior using rewards and reinforcement.  I couldn't believe how quickly Midge responded! As we worked together I learned how to be consistent with training and, even more importantly, patient. And Midge responded, improving week after week. Over the course of our lessons, not only did my little dog's negative behavior diminish, but she also became more affectionate. Bobbie taught me how to recognize when Midge wanted to be loved up and when she needed a little space. What a difference that made! As I write this, my little Midge is curled at my feet - peacefully sleeping, cozy and content.  Thanks to Bobbie, Midge is happy in her forever home now... and so is Midge's Mom! 

-  Marcella Carberry & Midge (Hartsdale, NY)

Our family adopted Connor from a rescue group in March, 2014.  While he immediately "bonded" with our family - a couple with three adult children - he was clearly uneasy with new people, and absolutely hated other dogs. Over time, a pattern set in - if Connor recognized someone (even our son who is at college), he'd be deliriously happy, but any one else coming through our front door set off barking and snarling.  Walks became a trial, as every encounter with another dog meant hauling Connor off to the side and trying to contain him as he growled, barked and strained the leash to get at the other dog (fortunately he is small).  

Bobbie has indeed been a savior!  She quickly analyzed that Connor's behavior stemmed from anxiety and inadequate socialization.  She then trained us in a number of strategies to reduce his (and our) stress.  Connor has learned to "chill" when visitors come - one of us keeps him on the leash, has him lay down, and feeds him treats.  This technique enabled Connor to calm down, associate new people with treats, and even make new friends. Now when I head out for a walk, I have a bag of cut up cooked chicken pieces as well as poop bags.  Connor associates the presence of another dog with chicken, so instead of focusing on the other dog, he looks at me eagerly for that special chicken treat.  A few pieces provides the distraction until the other dog has passed by.  I again look forward to our walks!

We've been particularly impressed with Bobbi's creativity in devising practical solutions, and her willingness to try again if a certain technique isn't working.  She is generous with her time and always available for questions.  In addition, she regularly sends print-outs and videos related to the issues we are working on.

We highly recommend Bobbie, without reservation.

- Janice and Dean & Conner (Westchester County, NY)