Shelter Consulting


With over thirteen years of experience in animal welfare, rescue, and sheltering, Bobbie is able to consult on a variety of shelter behavior issues. She started her training in animal welfare with the ASPCA at the beginning of her career. Since then, Bobbie has worked with many rescue groups and several smaller shelters. Bobbie spent some time with the North Shore Animal League of America as the Director of Pet Behavior. Bobbie's work with each organization has improved the quality of life for the animals being housed there and increased the skill sets of staff and volunteers, keeping safety in mind. Bobbie continues to deploy with the ASPCA, working in the field and learning about the latest techniques in sheltering and welfare. 

Lecture topics and staff/volunteer training sessions available include:

  • Canine body language
  • Dog play
  • Breaking up dog fights
  • Defensive handling
  • Dog handling
  • Dog-dog introductions
  • Enrichment for shelter dogs
  • Behavior modification for shelter dogs
  • Food and resource guarding in shelter dogs
  • Managing overaroused dogs in kennels
  • Behavioral assessments
  • Setting behavioral criteria for adoption
  • Matching adopters to pets – review of adoption policies and procedures

Other topics can be prepared – if your shelter has specific needs, just ask!