Private Coaching


Improve your relationship and build confidence in the training of your pet or competition dog with our online coaching experience. This unique service is for those dog owners and performance sport handlers who are looking to bridge the gaps in your dogs' training understanding as well as address any behavior issues you might be experiencing in and out of the ring. 

Here's how it works: All coaching is done via online in a private platform. You’ll post video and questions and I will provide feedback, answers, and assignments in both written and video forms. Together, we will work out a plan to meet the goals you may have for your dog and the both of you as a team. There are no limits for video length and post frequency; you may post several times per day or several times per week, as it works for your schedule. The more you put into the assignments, the more you will get out of the work we do together. Not only is our program designed to improve your training and handling, its also built to improve your critical thinking skills, giving you new tools to assess the training you are doing, that you can carry over into all of your lessons moving forward.


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