Dog Training

Imagine arriving in a foreign country where no one spoke English and someone decided they wanted you to do a job for them based on a 15-minute lecture outlining what was expected of you in intricate detail. Are you starting to get anxious? Now think about how your dog feels. English, Spanish, Hebrew, Chinese—it’s all foreign to him. He speaks Dog, which is a much more simplistic language. And it’s a language DogCentric will help you understand so that your dog can communicate better with you, and you can communicate better with your dog.

Depending on the behavioral issue, we can use behavior modification techniques (refers to changing the dog's behavior by focusing on changing the dog's emotion about a particular situation and subject) or basic training to address your concerns.


We can address the following behaviors: 

  • excessive barking
  • destructive chewing
  • housetraining
  • separation anxiety
  • shyness, fear
  • counter-surfing
  • jumping on people
  • begging for food
  • pulling on leash, and more.

Behavior Modification

DogCentric specializes in aggression cases. Utilizing the principles of behavioral science, we can work towards controlling and hopefully reducing your dog's aggressive tendencies while creating an environment to support the work you will be doing with your dog.

Behavior modification refers to changing the dog's behavior by focusing on changing the dog's emotion about a particular situation and subject. We also utilize obedience skills as part of the modification process.

You will learn about canine body language so you will be able to better read your dog's signals preceding reactive behavior, the right kind of equipment to help manage your dog's aggression, and behaviors to teach your dog how to defer to you instead of react.


We can address the following behaviors:

  • leash lunging
  • aggression towards people and/or other dogs
  • food aggression (resource guarding)
  • possession aggression
  • territorial aggression
  • body-handling issues.


Prices are for clients within 30 miles of Oakland, NJ.

Don’t live in the tri-state area?

Mileage charge for clients more than 30 miles away: 50 cents per mile for each additional mile.

Skype, FaceTime or phone behavior consultations are also available. Contact us for more information: